About Us

Newcastle LINKS is a First Aid society, passionate about educating people in all things First Aid (from cuts and sprains; to mountain rescue and major incidents).

There are 2 elements to Newcastle LINKS: a society in The Students’ Union and a Student Volunteering Unit in St John Ambulance where we unite the 2 local universities: Newcastle University and Northumbria University. Don't panic if you aren't from the uni! We welcome Northumbria Associate Membership.


Our society was founded over 20 years ago in 1995, with 5 members. The aim: to equip students with the skills to save a life. The name ‘LINKS’ is a historical artefact of the society, dating back to when the unit provided a link between St John Ambulance Cadet units and Adult units. Most of our members are new to volunteering: yet all would agree that you are part of the Newcastle LINKS family, regardless of whether you’re part of the society, or one of our event volunteers.

Our Committee


Newcastle President,

Society Lead


Northumbria President,

Unit Manager


Training Lead


Event Services Lead


Community Outreach Lead


Newcastle Secretary


Newcastle Treasurer


Northumbria Secretary


Northumbria Treasurer


Welfare Coordinator

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