We offer the opportunity for all members to learn life-saving and essential first aid through an exciting  programme.


Our Casual Thursday Night Training sessions can include learning the basics, external guest speakers, scenario training, casualty simulation and advance first aid techniques. Fasciliated by your peers and specialists, we work closely with ambulance crews, paramedics and nurses to enhance our knowledge.


We're not expecting everyone to be a life-saver, know first aid already or want to progress to a Medical and Life Sciences career. If you have a passion to learn first aid or want to be of service in your community, Newcastle Links is for you.


We want you to learn skills that you can apply to other areas of your life. An aspiring makeup artist? Try simulating flesh wounds on our Casualty Simulation nights. An actor? Learn what symptoms each medical condition presents with, to grab that spot on Casualty. Want to get a heads up on your work first aid course? Pop in. We can teach all the tricks and tips to remember to stay calm in any situation, and most of all, its a bit of fun!

We offer 3 main types of first aid training:


Casual Thursday Night Training: 

This covers all essential and advanced first aid techniques and is taught to all society members! It's not just CPR, we go through a whole range of skills in a fun way. 


St. John Ambulance Training: 

We offer members the chance to apply to be First Aiders for our St John Ambulance Unit, meaning you can go on duty to  concerts, football matches, community events and more. You can also further your volunteering with St John Ambulance to progress to Advanced First Aider and join specialist units like the Cycle Response Unit and the Medical Response Team.


Skill Swaps: 

Know (or are part of) another society or group who can benefit from informal sessions? We can provide a few tips and tricks on what to do in an emergency situation.  If you're looking to get into the community, our St John Ambulance First Aid Community Advocates teach a range of groups the basics of pedriatric and adult First Aid.

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